This is an inside job.  An Employee of Toad Suck Bank & Trust has come to you to pull off a job.  It is a foolproof bank hit right here in Downtown Conway. The employee will leave a security badge and a few extra goodies to help you along the way but it is still going to be a bit tricky.

The day has come for you to break the bank.  You have studied the blueprints. You have watched the entire staff and the movement of security for months. Now you have your team chosen and you are ready to go!

Your objective: get your hands on the Toad Suck Diamond worth $85 million dollars that was discovered in the Crater of Diamonds State Park earlier this year.

You must shut down the security system, Break into the bank vault take down the lasers and blow the joint in under 60 minutes!  

Do you have what it takes?  Only time will tell!

Must call 501-358-6651 to reserve room.